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#DoYouSeeMeEmpoweringInclusion Storytelling Competition

Hello Friends,

I'm reaching out today to share something deeply meaningful to me. I've entered the #DoYouSeeMeEmpoweringInclusion Storytelling Competition with a purpose close to my heart - raising awareness for Endometriosis and I could really use your support. 🌹

Here's how you can help:

1) Click these links:


2) Like the two posts

3) Share it with your network and encourage them to like it too

Winning entries will be showcased for two weeks, making this an incredible platform to spread the word about Endometriosis.

Your support sends a powerful message: we stand united, dispelling isolation, and creating a brighter, more inclusive future.

Let's ignite hope, inspire change, and provide unwavering motivation. Our collective efforts can make a difference that ripples through lives. 🌟🤝

From the depths of my heart, I thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Your likes and shares are not mere actions; they're the winds beneath our wings. 🌍❤️


With heartfelt gratitude,

Namira Binte Mohamad Marsudi


E for Endometriosis

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