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Consequences of the perpetuation of generational taboos/secrecy, poor health literacy and a prevailing ethos of menstrual shaming—by physicians, caregivers, peers and media alike—are associated with acceptance of “The Curse” mentality.


Cultural attitudes towards the menstrual cycle as a hygienic crisis or embarrassing burden have profoundly negative effects.

In today’s progressive society, ignorance of facts can lead to deficient health practices and adverse medical, educational and social outcomes:


  • Menstrual shaming and invalidation of painful symptoms leads to increased absenteeism, synonymous with lost educational and fiscal opportunities;

  • Low confidence levels and suboptimal therapy choices among clinicians;

  • Familial and social isolation;

  • Negative construct across media and peer groups;

  • Lack of social and physical support mechanisms; and

  • Physical worsening of disease leading to negative self-objectification, body shame or sexual decision-making; permanent damage including loss of fertility; deficient quality of life and even, as we have tragically observed recently, loss of life.

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