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Diagnosis & Stages of Endometriosis

There are tests that the gynaecologist may perform. These include:

  • Ultrasound

  • MRI scans

  • CA125

  • Gynaecological examinations

  • Digital examination

None of these can definitively confirm endometriosis (though they can be suggestive of the disease), nor can they definitively dismiss the presence of endometriotic lesions/cysts.


The fact that there is no non-invasive, definitive diagnostic method for endometriosis is as frustrating for clinicians as it is for women with the disease.

Stages of Endometriosis
  • The revised American Fertility Society (rAFS) scoring system is the most widely used (1995)

  • Could be used for determining treatment modalites

  • A score is assigned to lessons based on 

    • Location​

    • Number lesions

    • Size

    • Infiltration depth

    • Presence od adhesion

  • rAFS stages:

    • I: 1-5​

    • II: 6-15

    • III: 16-40

    • IV: >40

  • Problems​

    • It does not correlate with either the severity of pain ​

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