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Endometriosis is an estrogen-dependent chronic inflammatory condition.
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These cells, similar to cells inlining of the womb, would respond to hormone produced by the ovary, which will cause repeated bleeding, scarring, fibrosis and adhesion. Depend on where the scar is formed, it will cause symptoms such as menstrual cramps, bowel symptoms, pain during sexual intercourse, or even infertility.

Common Symptoms of Endometriosis


  • Painful Periods

  • Pain on ovulation

  • Pain during an internal examination

  • Pain during or after sex

  • Chronic pelvic pain


  • Heavy periods with or without clots

  • Prolonged bleeding

  • 'Spotting' or bleeding between periods

  • Irregular periods

  • Loss of 'old' or 'dark' blood before a period


  • Painful bowel movements tenesmus

  • Bleeding from the bowel

  • Symptoms of irritable bowel (diarrhoea, constipation, bloating - particularly during your period)

  • Pain when passing urine

  • Pain before or after passing urine or opening bowel

  • Urinary urgency, frequency


  • Tiredness/Lack of energy

  • Depression

  • Back pain

  • Leg pain

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