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2022 SG EndoMarch Talk - RECAP & REVIEW

Updated: May 6

Thank you for being part of this year’s initiative in conjunction with Endometriosis awareness month. I value your support & enthusiasm in making this event a success!

There were 133 registrants, 68 more participants than the same event we had last year. This is a piece of great news that tells us that Endometriosis awareness is gaining traction. Kudos to everyone who has been echoing the event and making a rah-rah on Endometriosis awareness.

This year we had the honor of having a member of parliament, Ms. Carrie Tan, graced the event. Being an EndoWarrior herself, Ms. Carrie begins to advocate on the disease, and I am heartened for the support rendered.

From the event’s survey, 81% of the participants found the event satisfying and valuable. And 81 % of them are satisfied with the content of the event. This is meaningful to know as a movement that hopes to educate, advocate, support & provide proper channels on matters relating to Endometriosis. This result cannot be attained without you and the rest of the panelists standing together for the cause. For that, I am highly grateful.

Here's also sharing with you some of the polling results:

Thank you for the valuable feedback. I will have it in mind when planning for future initiatives. It is motivating to know that most participants find the campaign essential and helpful. This is a driving factor as E for Endometriosis comes from a calling to aid after a tumultuous journey in getting a proper diagnosis ten years ago. This is a cause that is close to my heart. So, it comes with great joy to know that it is valued.

The event is streamed live from YouTube. At your convenience, you may watch & download it at:

The contact details of each speaker as listed below:


On the same day, E for Endometriosis represented Singapore in The Worldwide EndoMarch, based in California. The Worldwide EndoMarch is the organization that set up the EndoMarch Global Movement, which was the first global campaign involving a worldwide synchronized event for the cause of Endometriosis.

You may catch up on it below. Team Singapore, E for Endometriosis presented at 57:33:


Our next event is next month on the 17th of April, Sunday, from 2 pm to 4 pm, virtually, in conjunction with the fasting month. Registration is extended to 15th April 2022. All proceeds from the registration sale go to Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah, one of the oldest surviving madrasahs in Singapore that boasts an illustrious line of alumni of prominent Islamic religious leaders in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

The event is open to the masses, both men & women, especially teens, young adults, and parents.

So, help us sell out the tickets, raise a good amount for Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah, and create Endometriosis awareness. Join us & share the event with as many people as you can. 🙌🏼 🤝

More details on the event & registration here:

I hope many of us will continue having the conversation even after the event because the more we talk about it, the more we understand it is a real condition.

Until the next event, please take care and stay safe!


Namira Mohamad Marsudi


E for Endometriosis


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