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4 Go-To Period Essentials

*Disclaimer: This is not a paid write up. It is solely based on my personal experience and genuine takes on each product. *

One of the many symptoms of Endometriosis is Dysmenorrhea which is the medical term for pain with your period or menstrual cramps. Having been living with stage four Endometriosis and Adenomyosis has gotten me thinking out of the box in managing my pain. Bear in mind that this debilitating disease is ‘individualistic’ in nature, so the effective management of Endometriosis requires an individual approach. This also means playing ‘scientist’ in finding out what works for my body.

Over the years I have been following suggestions and trying out tonnes of them. The 3 take away that are consistent to my experiments are:

  1. My pain increases when I am stress out

  2. My pain increases when I stop exercising (the pain becomes irritable in week 3 without any form of physical activity)

  3. My pain increases when I stop eating mindfully (the effect takes place instantaneously)

For me to achieve a menstruation cycle that is tolerable that month, it must start not during the cycle, but way earlier in the proliferative phase. So, early preparation is needed and staying consistent at that is compulsory. I make a habit to track my macros on a daily and exercise at least 4 times a week; clocking in weights training and running.

Besides fronting Endometriosis Awareness in Singapore, I also hold a full-time job in the education sector, juggling wife duties as well as caring for my parents who are battling heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. In a way, I am a full fledge caregiver. Duty calls, I must be the stronger person having my loved ones relying on me, therefore supplementing my pain management during period is essential in ensuring I can get by and get things done.


1) Baby Changing Mat

I dread cleaning period stains! Most times I would end up discarding the stained items away. It seems impossible to remove the stain completely (if you have tricks and tips up your sleeves on this do leave a comment!). So, I decided to throw in a baby changing mat on where I am sitting/lying. It follows me wherever I go! And since it is waterproof, it becomes a protective shield from me making another mess on the sheet/sofa. In a long run, I am saving money too because less items thrown means less purchases done.

2) Ginger & Turmeric Tea

Do you feel colder than usual during period? I notice this when I am menstruating. Predominantly ice-blocks for feet and hands. I am also more sensitive to cold temperature. The usual air-conditioned office feels colder to me and drinking cold drinks worsen my cramps. Ginger and Turmeric tea has been helping me in managing this sensitivity. Good thing is these two ingredients are packed with inflammatory properties to aid my #endobloat. Of course, the best way to have it is in its original form. You can pound them together or slice it and steep in hot water. Since I am always running around, getting it in a form of a tea bag is so convenient. I have been a Teekanne fan ever since my discovery of the product.

3) Menthol/Heat Ointment

Cramps and body aches go hand in hand for those suffering from Dysmenorrhea. It does not stop at just abdominal pangs. During one of the worst days, I could barely walk. My legs feel heavy like it is bound with chains. The sharp, burning pain goes deep in my gluteal and then radiates down the back of my leg. I would end up curling in a ball. Applying menthol/heat ointment on these affected areas do wonders. While it might not usually provide a pain relief, what it effectively does is it calms me down to the point of having a good nap. Rest is important for recovery but with pain, its hard to get a quality rest. The one thing that leads me to keep using ‘Aura Terapi’ ointment is the way it is bottled. It is in a form of a roll on so I can be sure of not getting any oil spillage in my bag nor on my clothes. Easy application sells!

Abdominal cramps are the most common symptoms of Dysmenorrhea. The pain varies from dull ache at the lower abdomen to intense pulling pain that comes and goes. Oh, and the back pain! It exacerbates in burning sensation whenever my abdomen pain radiates. Before I find out about Menstruheat, I would place two rubber heating pads; one on my tummy and the other on my back. While that feels good, it does not last long. I had to get the hot water replaced every 40 minutes and being in pain, it is a hassle. It is also bulky and not at all practical to utilize anywhere except only in the comfort of my own home. I was thrilled when Menstruheat come about. By now I am sure you can tell I am easily convinced to anything convenient and Menstruheat is all about that! Yup, just stick it and I am good to go. On top of that it also allows heat to be released quickly and steadily over 12 hours. That means my cramps are pretty much under control during working hours. Should I need a heating pad right away, Menstruheat serve the purpose and yet I am still able to run around with it unlike with the conventional ‘water-bottle’.

Good news! The genius minds behind MenstruHeat; Blood has agreed to walk this advocacy journey together with us! In ensuring the Endometriosis Awareness Month is fully exercised, Blood will be giving away free Menstruheat to those who participated in our #whatif campaign!

The #whatif campaign aims to create a ripple effect of public interest, consciousness, support & knowledge on Endometriosis. To be part of this campaign, you will need to:

  1. Frame your FB profile picture with the #whatif frame for the whole month of March.

  2. In the caption/description, share your #whatif statement. Example:

#whatif I see the right doctor for my condition, I would have enjoyed a better quality of life sooner. #e4endo

3. Ensure to include these 2 hashtags: #whatif #e4endo (as in the example above).

4. PM me (FB: Namira Mohamad) for the FREE Menstruheat redemption link.

*Free gifts only redeemable for Singapore addresses*

*Biosketch: Blood provides game-changing period care that inspires better days and endless possibilities for anyone who bleeds. From 100% drug-free pain relief to giving that feel-nothing flow, on a journey to unlock period bliss. Better periods, better days – all cycle long.*

I hope this inspires you to create awareness. What does your Endometriosis feel like and what are your go to period essentials? Share your stories to the email below and get it published in the next blog post:

Keep winning!

Namira Binte Mohamad Marsudi



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