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Can Covid-19 Vaccine Affect Period?

Several concerns in recent weeks have addressed the question of whether the Covid-19 vaccine affect women’s cycles and menstruation itself. This has included periods arriving early and being heavier than usual, or being absent or late, among other changes.

Most medical practitioners have tried to reassure patients that even if there is a connection, it would be temporary.

Anthropologist; Dr. Kathryn Clancy at the University of Illinois, received so many responses from others reporting changes to their menstrual cycle that she launched a survey asking for people who have been vaccinated to share their menstrual experiences.

“The HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine and the flu vaccine have been reported to affect menstrual cycles temporarily so it wouldn’t be surprising of COVID-19 vaccines do so briefly either. Immune cells are at work in the creating and then breaking down the lining of the uterus that happens during menstruation; vaccines produce inflammatory molecules called cytokines and interferons that stimulate immune cells, including potentially in the uterus. This might cause the lining to shed sooner or more intensively than usual, causing changes to the menstrual cycle.”
Anthropologist Dr. Kathryn Clancy, University of Illinois

Dr. Viki Male, a reproductive immunologist at Imperial College London, explains further why this might happen but how it is not something to be concerned about:

To sum up, while these effects have been reported after the Covid-19 vaccine, there is no research evidence to support these reports and it is worth researching further. However, if menstrual changes do not go away, turn to your doctor for help.



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