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Dear Doctor, please hear us out...

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

*UPDATE (the survey has ended with effect 19 July 2021):

27 Jun 2021

Here’s updating the survey response as of 27 Jun 2021: 60 in total.

I will be extending the survey for another 2 weeks (until 18 July 2021, 23 hours) with so much hope in all of you that we could aim to reach for at least 100. Since there are 1.2K members in Singapore Endometriosis Support Group (Facebook Page), I believe, reaching 100 or more should not be an issue. This cry for help involve all of us. In order for us to achieve an improvement in our medical consultation as well in support & awareness which we rightfully deserve, requires all of us to be apart of this movement.

Do share it around, and let this small spark ignites fire 🔥🎗

29 May 2021

I went LIVE for the very first time in the Singapore Endometriosis Support Group (FB), #e4endo IG and my personal FB account a few minutes ago. I officially launched the survey in addressing the growing concern on the lack of empathy during medical consultations.

The short LIVE stream was to share with you the recent post I uploaded yesterday in the FB support group as well as in IG which sounded,

"Has your doctor ever made you feel that your worries (endometriosis related) were insignificant?"

That post alone has reached out to 411 members with most members agreeing to it. The reason why I posted that question is to check on how things might differ now compared to my initial journey in getting a proper diagnosis back in 2011. I had bad experiences back then and it happened not once but a few times with different doctors.

When this support group was set up, I do have in mind the need to highlight this predicament. Hence the post last night which confirmed my suspicion on the importance of getting it out and about. This survey is launched for this purpose.

This is one of the many surveys that I intend to create. The result will be shared on the website of which all of you would have the access to utilize them in creating Endometriosis awareness. The survey will be up for a month; until end of June.

This survey is your voice so please, I need your participation in getting a credible number to back me up when I address this issue on the website or when I meet any organisations which might be able to assist us in breaking the norm when it comes to managing Endometriosis during medical consultations. It will not be enough with just my voice alone so please be part of this change!

To participate, click the link below:

Or scan the QR code below:


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