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Endometriosis: Treatment Options & Its Side Effects - RECAP & REVIEW

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

It’s a wrap! With a total of 64 registrants.

Thank you for joining us in the last talk of the year 2022!

This time it is in conjunction with a special occasion which is in celebration of E for Endometriosis’ 10th Anniversary on the 20th of December 2022:

I noticed that the recurring questions asked on the support group page are about the available treatment options and the side effects. These questions often require professionals to address them. So, it is a huge privilege when Prof. Fong Yoke Fai voluntarily agrees to take some time off to address some of these queries. He went further by ensuring all questions were attended to, which ended the session much later than planned. Prof. Fong Yoke Fai’s dedication to creating awareness and providing compassionate assistance is undoubtedly and genuinely admirable.

Prof. Fong Yoke Fai needs no introduction; he is the brain behind the Endometriosis Centre concept that caters to complicated endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain, integrating urological, colorectal, pain management, and women’s emotional health services during his tenure with NUH. He has trained numerous doctors across the Asia Pacific in Minimally Invasive Surgery. Many of those he has trained have assumed key leadership positions. One such person is Doctor Ma Li. He also shares his techniques, approach, and philosophy in managing complex gynecological conditions at workshops, seminars, and conferences worldwide.

This talk is streamed live on the movement's YouTube channel, so you can always come back to it whenever you need references. Help share it, too, so many would be aware of the options available. Refer to the link below:

You may reach out to Prof Fong here:


Currently, Prof. Fong conducts consultations only at the Paragon Medical Centre outlet. Refer to the address below:

Paragon Medical Centre

290 Orchard Road

#16-07/08 (Lift lobby F)

Tel: (65) 6736 1000

The winners for the E for Endometriosis 10th Anniversary were announced as well and were notified accordingly:

The giveaways are well on the way to the recipients. Congratulations!

I hope this talk will assist you in making informed decisions and encourage you to continue the conversation in your circles. It is essential.

Because the more we talk about it, the more we understand it is a real condition.

Be part of the change. End the silence. Create awareness. Share the cause.

Until we meet again in 2023 for another sharing session, please take care.

Happy holidays and have a joyful new year!


Namira Mohamad Marsudi


E for Endometriosis

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