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Featured in VOGUE!

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that my story would grace one of the most influential fashion and lifestyle magazines, Vogue. Let alone representing my country & community being the only Singaporean Malay Muslim featured in this global outreach article on chronic pelvic pain among seven other incredible women.

I am genuinely honored. Extremely grateful.

Thank you Anne Lora Scagliusi for this powerful initiative in creating awareness.

Read the full article here:

Do support the other seven ladies in this article on their advocacy efforts:

1) Cli Chiara Beltrame, Italy, Endometriosis Warrior:

2) Carla Cressy, England, Endometriosis Warrior:

3) Becca Jamieson, England, Chronic Pelvic Pain Warrior:

4) Keisha Meek, UK, Endometriosis Warrior:

5) Ronilyn Calumba, Philippines, Endometriosis Warrior:

(Do not wish to share social media accounts)

6) Felicity Bennetts, Australia, Interstitial Cystitis Warrior:

7) Ashlee Smith, USA, Adenomyosis Warrior:

End the silence. Create awareness. Share the cause! 🙌


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