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Paving The Way Since 20/12/2012

Big news!

Today, in celebrating E for Endometriosis’s 9th anniversary, I am releasing an updated brand identity.

I am proud to announce the launch of the new logo as part of the movement’s ongoing evolution.

E for Endometriosis has grown and evolved over the years; from a way for me to vent my frustrations through the mode of blogging to that of educating and nurturing after a realization that what is lacking is awareness. The refreshed logo is to reflects what E for Endometriosis is today and symbolizes a hopeful and compassionate future.


The alphabet ‘E’:

After careful consideration, the new logo exudes a more modern and minimalist look. ‘E’ remains the core; where it embodies the act of nurturing, that of teachers guiding young minds with love and care where each alphabet stands for something. Aiming at these positive epistemic standings, like knowledge, insight, and understanding becomes the very foundation of what E for Endometriosis stands for; in creating awareness and providing support through the mode of educating.

The yellow ribbon:

In bringing the design more in line with the aesthetics of Endometriosis awareness, the use of the colour ‘yellow’ to a ribbon is selected and reflected in a small letter ‘E’ to portray the E in E for Endometriosis. Yellow is universally known to be the colour for Endometriosis awareness since 1980 by Mary Lou Ballweg; president, executive director, and founder of The Endometriosis Association, founded in Milwaukee, USA. The yellow ribbon became a universal badge of solidarity to those fighting for Endometriosis awareness, and it continues to be the symbol associated with the disease.

The framing circles:

Symbolically, the framing circles are borderless to create the impression of continuous support and unwavering perseverance in ‘Paving the Way’ (E for Endometriosis’s slogan).

With this, I aim to present E for Endometriosis in a better light and equip the community with better support and care in times to come.


I still remember the day when I started this movement back on 20/12/2012. With a very limited number of resources and a burning desire to make a difference, I embark on a journey foreign to me but vital for future amelioration. Starting from there till today, the movement has covered a long and evolutionary journey. Today, in celebrating another year of its birth, a lot has changed, the fact that many dreams came true; with many warriors & guardians found relief through the shared resources.

Cheers to this happy occasion, cheers to all of you, and cheers to E for Endometriosis!


Namira Mohamad Marsudi


E for Endometriosis


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