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Reflecting on a Day of Unity, Knowledge, and Support: Wear Yellow SG EndoMarch 2024 🎗️

On March 23, 2024, we witnessed a remarkable gathering of minds, hearts, and voices at the "Wear Yellow SG EndoMarch 2024". 71 attendees and numerous walk-ins united in this significant event dedicated to raising awareness and fostering support for those affected by Endometriosis. From 11:30 am to 3:00 pm, this gathering not only illuminated the challenges faced by those with Endometriosis but also celebrated the strength and resilience of the community. We are deeply grateful for the presence and insights of our guest of honour, Minister of Parliament Ms Carrie Tan Huimin, and our esteemed speakers, Professor Fong Yoke Fai, Dr Ma Li and Dr Eleanor, whose contributions were pivotal in shedding light on the complexities of Endometriosis and its treatments.


Event Recap

Event Segments:

  1. Opening Ceremony: The event began with an impactful opening speech and appreciation ceremony by our guest of honour, Minister of Parliament, Ms Carrie Tan Huimin, emphasising the collective effort in the fight against Endometriosis.

  2. Educational Presentations: Professor Fong Yoke Fai and Dr. Ma Li provided deep insights into treatment options, side effects, and the fertility implications of Endometriosis, equipping attendees with crucial knowledge.

  3. Documentary Screening: The ‘Endo & Us’ screening offered an intimate look at the personal battles against Endometriosis, enhancing the audience's understanding of this condition.

  4. Engagement through Discussion: The event facilitated a dynamic panel discussion and Q&A session, allowing for interactive and enlightening exchanges on Endometriosis experiences and insights.


Mini-Exhibits and Catering:

The event also featured mini-exhibition booths from The Autoimmune Disease SG, Fertility Support SG, Go With the Flow SG, and The Visible Collective SG, which provided attendees with additional resources and perspectives on related causes. Elsie’s Kitchen catered to the event and received positive feedback on the quality and variety of the food provided.

Access the event catalogue here.


Key Survey Insights

  1. Helpful Presentations: The majority of attendees found the presentations by Dr. Ma Li and Prof. Fong Yoke Fai ranging from helpful to extremely helpful, emphasising the educational value of these sessions.

  2.  Understanding of Endometriosis: The documentary "Endo & Us" significantly enhanced attendees' understanding of Endometriosis, with many reporting substantial gains in awareness.

  3.  Value of Panel Discussion: The panel discussion and Q&A session were particularly appreciated for their interactive and informative nature, offering a platform for deep engagement with the topic.

  4. Inspired to Raise Awareness: Most respondents felt inspired to advocate for Endometriosis awareness following the event, reflecting the motivational impact of the day's activities.

  5.  Value Added by Mini-Exhibition Booths: Feedback on the mini-exhibition booths indicated that a significant number of attendees found them valuable, showcasing the importance of including diverse resources and perspectives related to health and well-being.

These insights affirm the success of the "Wear Yellow SG EndoMarch 2024" in educating, inspiring, and uniting attendees around the cause of Endometriosis awareness. The colourful representation of the survey results highlights the positive outcomes and emphasises the vibrant and diverse community involved in this vital cause.

Memorable Moments that Touched Our Hearts


Attendees shared that the volunteer presence was not just notable; it was inspiring. The dedication and strength of these individuals underscored the event's message of hope and resilience. It was a poignant reminder of the power of community and the unwavering spirit of those who advocate for Endometriosis awareness.


The presentations by Dr Ma Li and Professor Fong Yoke Fai stood out for their depth and insight, offering attendees a comprehensive understanding of Endometriosis, its treatments, and its effects on fertility. These sessions were particularly memorable for their ability to distil complex information into knowledge that empowers and enlightens.


A sentiment echoed among the feedback was an appreciation for the event's inclusive nature. Every segment was highlighted as impactful, from the informative presentations to the engaging panel discussion and the emotional documentary screening. Collectively, these components created a learning, sharing, and connecting platform that many found invaluable.


Moreover, the opportunity to meet and interact with the volunteers amidst the backdrop of this event and share personal journeys added a deeply personal touch to the event. These interactions provided not just a face to the cause but a story that resonated, encouraging others to join the movement.

A Dash of Fun and Recognition


Adding a vibrant layer of fun to the event, the "best-dressed in yellow" contest brought out the brightest and most creative yellow outfits, embodying the spirit of hope and awareness that defines our cause. We are delighted to congratulate Ms. Dass Elizabeth, who shone the brightest in her stunning yellow attire, winning the fabulous $200 prize. This delightful element not only added some fun to the event but also highlighted the community's enthusiasm and engagement.


A Day of Encouragement and Empowerment

As we reflect on the "Wear Yellow SG EndoMarch 2024," we are reminded of the strength found in unity, the power of knowledge, and the impact of shared experiences. Attendee feedback—highlighting both the educational value of the presentations and the emotional resonance of personal stories—reaffirms our commitment to this cause.


The event served as a beacon of hope and a call to action, leaving us feeling encouraged and empowered. The mini-exhibition booths added significant value, offering insights into related causes and fostering a broader sense of community and support.


Photos and Videos

We are excited to share that the photos and videos captured by our professional photographers and videographers will be ready in approximately 2 to 4 weeks. These will offer a beautiful visual narrative of the day's events, encapsulating the emotions, learnings, and unity experienced by all who attended. In the meantime, we invite you to view the collective photos and videos taken at the event by our volunteers. Click here to access the collection.


This link serves as a window into the impactful moments and shared experiences that made "Wear Yellow SG EndoMarch 2024" a memorable event. We hope these images and videos resonate with you and serve as a reminder of the collective journey we are on.


In closing, we extend our heartfelt thanks to every speaker, volunteer, sponsor, partner, influencer, podcaster and attendee who contributed to making this event a source of strength and inspiration. Your participation, stories, and support not only made this event memorable but also propelled the movement forward.


Looking ahead, we are inspired to continue our efforts with renewed vigour and commitment. Together, we will continue pushing the boundaries of awareness, support, and advocacy for those affected by Endometriosis. Thank you for standing with us, sharing in our journey, and being a part of this incredible community. 🎗️🙌🏻🫶🏻


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