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Thank You WorldWide EndoMarch!

Recently, I was interviewed by the beautiful Barbara Page, Co-Founder & Vice President of The Worldwide EndoMarch. This is the organization that set up the EndoMarch Global Movement, which was the first global campaign involving a worldwide synchronized event for the cause of Endometriosis.

What was supposed to be an interview for a short 1-minute highlight resulted in 10 minutes because too many essential points were covered.

Watch the full interview here:

One thing that impressed me the most was knowing that Barbara does not have Endometriosis, yet she has taken in her stride to be the changemaker for Endometriosis awareness. She is the epitome of altruism. She is the living proof that compassion does not require one to experience the same condition; it needs a heart that knows how to empathize.

Along with the much-respected Dr. Camran, Ceana, Farr, and Azadeh Nezhat, The Worldwide EndoMarch has become the leading global organization for Endometriosis.

Dr. Camran Nezhat has been called the father of modern-day operative laparoscopy for inventing and pioneering the technique of operating off the video monitor and video-assisted endoscopy, which revolutionized surgery and performed some of the most advanced surgical procedures laparoscopically for the first time. By doing so, he opened the path and the landscape for surgeons worldwide to help their patients. He also advocated and proved that most of the procedures that at the time were performed by open surgery could be converted to minimally invasive ones. He then collaborated with robotic pioneers Ajit Shah and Phil Green, in the 1990s, for the development of the da Vinci Robot and reported its many uses. (Quoted from:

Dr. Camran Nezhat shares his research and findings on the website and Instagram, so if you have yet to follow them, you should because there is so much information and life-changing tips you can get from there! Check them out:

Such is the situation with Endometriosis; it is not only about creating awareness of the wretched disease but also a fight against the stigmas surrounding it. For society to finally see the disease as it should, rallying awareness from all walks of life is essential. Be it from the voice of the patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, political figures, both men and women, all hands-on decks are needed to change the centuries worth of preconceived societal ideas on women’s health. While it will take centuries more to erase the stigmas, with countless rejections, frustrations, and disappointments, advocating must continue to make waves.

To the team of The Worldwide EndoMarch, Barbara, Hema & Aparna, it was lovely knowing you. Thank you for the continuous effort in advocating Endometriosis and for selflessly standing up for many of us across the globe. May you be blessed with double the joy & happiness. So much admiration for the team!


Namira Mohamad Marsudi


E for Endometriosis


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