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#truemylense: Hana AL


Hana, Endo Warrior

IG: @endomuslimahsis

"Advocacy starts from you too."

For the first time in my life, I finally felt relieved to hear my diagnosis even though I have severe endometriosis, adenomyosis, multiple fibroids, cyst, vaginismus, and possibly infertility. I have also been trying to conceive naturally since 2019 but with no success. Hearing the diagnosis assured me as I have found my closure. I'm finally able to move on and seek proper treatments for my conditions.

I'm able to advocate and create awareness that these are real. I am not making any excuses or seeking attention. My pain and my struggles are valid and so are many of the women who are still undiagnosed till today. I hope to take this opportunity to also let all the women who are struggling know that you are not alone in this and never give up fighting for yourself. Advocacy starts from you too.

This is a photo of me taken at St John's Island (standing photo) / Kusu Island (sitting photo), 2 months post excision surgery.

To be here reminds me that there's hope after a long battle with endometriosis and to remind myself too that amidst all the challenges, I deserve happiness and tranquility.


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