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#truemylense: Tee Si En


Tee Si En, Endo Warrior

"We can do it together!"

I've Endometriosis and Adenomyoma diagnosed last year in March. Since then, I was prescribed Visanne and experience side effects e.g., mood swings, giddiness, and loss of appetite.

Like lots of girls who encountered this condition, I was confused, depressed, and anxious. I'm a healthcare professional - Occupational therapist but I felt guilty and frustrated that I can't even manage my health properly. Afterward, I faced setbacks in different parts of my life - work, relationships, and my mental health.

But I'm thankful that I found this support group and was able to be a member. Encouraging words and tips from different team members just made me feel warm and better, once again I want to fight for my condition and be a warrior.

Since then, I relook at my lifestyle, I pick up more exercises and hobbies - Latin dance, hiking, and water sports (from photos). I adopted a healthier diet plan, and better manage stress.

And till now, I've been cutting down weight from borderline overweight to healthy range, my body is less inflamed. I feel happier and more content with my life.

Though sometimes I'm still struggling with the condition, I understand it will be a long journey. However, I just want to say encouraging words to one another: we can do it together!


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