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Updated: Apr 3, 2021


The genius minds behind MenstruHeat; Blood has been so supportive in walking this advocacy journey together with us! In ensuring the Endometriosis Awareness Month was fully exercised, Blood has been giving away free Menstruheat to those who participated in our #whatif campaign throughput the month of March!

The #whatif campaign aims to create a ripple effect of public interest, consciousness, support & knowledge on Endometriosis. To be part of this campaign, you will need to:

  1. Frame your FB profile picture with the #whatif frame for the whole month of March.

  2. In the caption/description, share your #whatif statement. Example:

#whatif I see the right doctor for my condition, I would have enjoyed a better quality of life sooner. #e4endo

3. Ensure to include these 2 hashtags: #whatif #e4endo (as in the example above).

4. PM me (FB: Namira Mohamad) for the FREE Menstruheat redemption link.

*Free gifts only redeemable for Singapore addresses*

*Biosketch: Blood provides game-changing period care that inspires better days and endless possibilities for anyone who bleeds. From 100% drug-free pain relief to giving that feel-nothing flow, on a journey to unlock period bliss. Better periods, better days – all cycle long.*


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