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4 Most Common Myths Exposed

Endometriosis is a disease surrounded by taboos, myths, delayed diagnosis, hit-and-miss treatments, and a lack of awareness, overlaid on a wide variety of symptoms that embody a stubborn, frustrating, and, for many, painfully chronic condition.

What other myths & facts did you discover throughout your journey living with Endometriosis?

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21 mai 2022

I have stage 4 endo but I dun have much pain except deep rectum pain when I'm having my period or around my period cycle. I had surgery twice with biggest cyst around 10cm. I went for TCM as I am tired of the side effects of depot shot and hormonal pills. The TCM doc told me if I am not in pain much or having severe bleeding, than my endo is not serious. And the most outrageous thing I heard was, she told me my constipation caused my endometriosis...instead of the other way round. Needless to say, i nv went back to this TCM clinic ever!!!

I am really tired to hear there is no cure for endo. Was…

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