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#ActionForHer : Appreciation Post


My utmost appreciation goes to the esteemed member of parliament, Ms. Carrie Tan & PAP Women’s Wing committee for the invite to be part of such an honorable event. Being an advocate is never easy, so it warms my heart to receive support and encouragement from the team. Thank you, respected ministers, members of parliament, Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong, Mrs. Josephine Teo, Ms. Carrie Tan & party activists for visiting our humble booth, hearing us out & showing support. It is a sentimental moment for us, and we are extremely grateful for the opportunity.

Coming to 10 years of hustling, I never imagined this day would come. Thank you, everyone, for the love, encouragement, support & motivation. Thank you for making the time to drop by. Thank you for your kind assistance too in sharing about it. Thank you also to fellow warriors who, despite the pain & frustration, still made it to the event just to let us know that we are not alone in this too. Thank you for the newly forged support from other advocacy initiatives, though of a different cause yet united by the calling of rendering service. I apologize that I could not visit all the booths due to the crunch in staffing. I have been looking through some of you and will make a point to look through the rest. Thank you all!

Special mention goes to my Husbae. To me, he is the epitome of #ActionforHer. Endometriosis is often trivialized with labels such as “just another women’s issue” or brushed aside as “not my problem” (because of the ‘I do not have it, so I don’t care’ mentality). So having him by my side & creating awareness of the debilitating disease is a confession of love, an act of love that encourages me to keep going. Let this be an example of how voicing out or stepping up for your loved ones is impactful, not just for the well-being of that person but for the community overall in the long run. Empathy is contagious. It will create a ripple effect for sure.

Time and again, I would share that advocating Endometriosis is not just a fight for awareness but also a fight to break social prejudices that have been ingrained for many generations. There is still so much more to be done, but progression will continue for as long as we do not stop advocating. No efforts are too small, so I implore you to make some noise! Please pass the message on and continue creating Endometriosis awareness.

Do check out the rest of the causes below. Super love the video our DPM posted on his IG about the event! Check it out:

The rest of the causes:


Namira Mohamad Marsudi


E for Endometriosis


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