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Endometriosis: Boleh Solat Ke Tidak? - RECAP & REVIEW

Updated: May 6

Thank you for being part of E for Endometriosis’s first charity event in conjunction with the fasting month! It was also Singapore’s first Islamically inclined sharing session on matters relating to Endometriosis. All proceeds from the registration sale go to Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah, one of the oldest surviving madrasahs in Singapore that boasts an illustrious line of alumni of prominent Islamic religious leaders in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

With your support, a total of SGD659.40 was successfully collected throughout the registration period. Another SGD20 was collected post-registration. I will be passing the cheque to the principal of Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah next week and it will be documented on my Instagram as an attestation that the amanah has been relayed.

From the event’s survey, while 76% of the participants know that painful menstruation (senggugut) is not normal, only 23% of them are aware of Endometriosis. This shows that creating Endometriosis awareness is of significant importance because many have not heard of it despite 1 out of 10 women suffering from it. That equates to around 190 million reproductive-age women and girls globally! Imagine how many more women could have Endometriosis yet suffer in silence because they do not know that such a condition exists; thinking or worst made to think that it is not a big deal. Heartbreaking isn’t it?

The comments are also well noted and improvements are in sight. It is also motivating to know that the event has met your expectations.

The event is streamed live on my YouTube channel, Namira Mohamad.

This is for your easy reference whenever you wish to watch or share it at your convenience. To further assist you in navigating through the video smoothly, a clickable timestamp is included in the video description. This allows you to go straight to the segment you wish to catch up on. The link to the live stream below:

The contact details of each speaker as listed below:

Speaker 1:

Ms. Namira Binte Mohamad Marsudi


Support Group (Facebook):

YouTube Channel: Namira Mohamad

Speaker 2:

Coach Ilyana Ilyas


Speaker 3:

Ustazah Nadia Hanim AR

To the participants who submitted your questions, I have sent them to Ustazah Nadia Hanim AR. Due to her tight schedule, please allow her some time to respond. I will be posting the answers on my Instagram once I have them.

Our next event is on the 4th of June, Saturday, from 2 pm to 3 pm, virtually, in conjunction with the World Infertility Awareness Month. It is truly an honor to have Professor Jerry Chan Kok Yen as the speaker who holds a string of accolades, particularly in reproductive medicine in areas such as fertility preservation, development of novel ovarian reserve biomarkers, and delineating the pathogenesis of Endometriosis through the application of tissue engineering principles and biosensing technologies.

Registration commencing on the 1st of May, 2022 until the 2nd of June,2022, or until sold out. The event is for free. To register once it is open, simply go to:

Please be informed that this event is focusing on the options and chances of conceiving with Endometriosis so to make this session easier to follow through, please come with a good understanding of Endometriosis. Should you require assistance or a recap on understanding the fundamentals of Endometriosis, please watch the previous talk where Doctor Ma Li; an Endometriosis Specialist, has extensively presented. The link to the talk below:

Thank you once again. I value your support & enthusiasm in making the event a success!

Until the next event, please take care and stay safe!


Namira Mohamad Marsudi


E for Endometriosis


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