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Let Go & Let God - Zoom Talk

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

I have been receiving more DMs on how I remain calm and continue persevering in the face of adversity ever since the SCMP, AsiaOne & Today write-up on my tumultuous journey on getting proper Endometriosis care.

*Read the media coverage here:

I ever blogged about it, but I feel it is about time I have a proper discourse with the public in addressing these concerns with hopes that it would motivate people to support change, end the silence, create awareness & share the cause. So, in celebration of the Islamic New Year Muharram, I will be sharing with you my story, where the epiphany happened in the darkest time.

Registration is now open. Scan the QR or go to to register.

On the language, please take note that to ensure fluidity in relaying essential points and making dry topics engaging, a casual approach will be implemented, this includes conversing in a mix of English & Malay.

The zoom talk is open to the public and it is FREE. So, please help us reach a full house and raise Endometriosis awareness. Share the event with as many people as you can. 🙌🏼🤝

Before registering, kindly read through the terms and conditions stated in the registration portal and adhere to them.

For any inquiries, you may reach out to Ms. Namira at:

Keep yourself apprised of our latest updates by following:


IG: @e4endo

FB: Singapore Endometriosis Support Group

See you then! 🎗️


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