Referral Process: Subsidy VS Private

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

One of the most common questions I usually get is,

“How do I get myself referred to my preferred doctor but under subsidy?”

Well, you don’t.

Subsidised patients are not allowed to pick their preferred doctor. If they insist, they have to ‘convert’ into private. This make sense because we are paying for the expertise of the preferred doctor who is usually a senior consultant specialising in the condition. But over the years, I managed to pick some useful tips and tricks that could help retain patients under subsidy because I can understand the financial impact Endometriosis has to patients being one myself. Of course these hacks don’t always work. Also I might get into trouble sharing this so openly, so please don’t quote my name when trying out.


It is noteworthy to understand that getting referred to any PUBLIC HOSPITALS also known as GENERAL HOSPITALS to some, DOES NOT mean you are automatically covered under subsidy. Our public hospitals have 2 types of medical care:

1) Private 2) Subsidy

Also, if you make an appointment directly with the hospital to see your preferred doctor, it is class as private too.

I charted below the referral process and the different medical charges (rough estimation) as simple as possible with hope that many of us could benefit from it.

Wishing you always stay in good health with love and joy.

Keep winning Warriors!

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