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Doctors I Recommend 🙌

Updated: Jan 7

Hey Amazing Fam!

After diving into your valuable feedback, engaging in heart-to-heart conversations, and thorough research within our E for Endometriosis community, I’ve given a makeover to our recommended doctors list.

This compilation is a celebration of our unity and shared experiences—it goes beyond endorsements or payments. It’s about authentic connections and uplifting each other.

Let me stress, it’s not an official guideline; it’s a testament to our collective strength and voice.

These doctors embody both compassion and expertise. They not only align with the suggested guidelines in the ‘Tips to Help You Choose a Doctor’ but also transparently discuss their methods and limitations for each case.

For those navigating fertility treatment alongside Endometriosis, please swipe to the third.

And for those curious about the referral process (subsidy vs private), get the scoop here:

Let's keep rocking this extraordinary journey together, supporting one another and shaping a world where every voice truly matters.


Namira Binte Mohamad Marsudi


E for Endometriosis

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