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Doctors I Recommend 🙌

Updated: Jun 4

Hey Amazing Fam!

After diving into your valuable feedback, engaging in heart-to-heart conversations, and thorough research within our E for Endometriosis community, I’ve given a makeover to our recommended doctors list.

This compilation is a celebration of our unity and shared experiences—it goes beyond endorsements or payments. It’s about authentic connections and uplifting each other.

Let me stress, it’s not an official guideline; it’s a testament to our collective strength and voice.

These doctors embody both compassion and expertise. They not only align with the suggested guidelines in the ‘Tips to Help You Choose a Doctor’ but also transparently discuss their methods and limitations for each case.

For those navigating fertility treatment alongside Endometriosis, please swipe to the third.

And for those curious about the referral process (subsidy vs private), get the scoop here:

Let's keep rocking this extraordinary journey together, supporting one another and shaping a world where every voice truly matters.


*Please refrain from sharing or showing this information to anyone within the policy system, as they are not aware of this arrangement.


Typically, subsidised patients face restrictions in choosing their preferred healthcare provider, which often means settling for less personalised care. This gap sometimes leads to misdiagnoses and inadequate treatment, which no one should endure. We've been fortunate in the past with Dr. Ma Li at NUH, who went above and beyond by allowing us to direct patients to her under the subsidy system. She facilitated all necessary arrangements, ensuring more of you received the care you needed without the financial strain. As Dr. Ma Li transitions to the private sector, we find ourselves with a significant gap in the subsidised tier.


Recognising the difficulty many faces in affording private healthcare, we've tirelessly sought solutions within the subsidy system. The quest led us to a beacon of hope: Dr. Michelle Lim at the KK MIS Center. Dr. Michelle, an expert in Endometriosis, has graciously agreed to accept patients under the subsidised tier. Her involvement is a game-changer, enhancing the quality of care available to our community, both subsidised and private. We've heard countless stories of her compassionate, patient-centric approach, and we are confident that her acceptance will bring about a positive change in our healthcare system.

Please refer to the infographic attached for a step-by-step guide on accessing subsidised care. We are immensely grateful to Dr. Michelle for opening this pathway and ensuring that financial barriers do not prevent anyone from receiving the best possible care for such a complex and challenging condition.


Let's not just acknowledge but celebrate Dr. Michelle’s invaluable contribution to our community.

Your voice matters; together, we can continue building a supportive and understanding community. 💛


Namira Binte Mohamad Marsudi


E for Endometriosis


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