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Updated: Apr 3, 2021

6 March 2021

A date where a history is made!

We have put in a lot of thought in creating this website. The idea is to make it simple, accessible & user friendly that even someone who might have lived in a different world and does not know what a womb is, would get it. Using laymen terms, you are looking at what Endometriosis is, the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment options etc. These are all stringently vetted by the endometriosis expert herself, Dr. Ma Li. We hope that this has made it easier for you to explain to your loved ones or anyone who wants to understand.

Under the 'Research' tab, these articles are all carefully collated by Dr. Ma Li. It will be updated every now and then. So you will be looking at the current medical researches/discoveries/tests/experiments both local & international.

Moving on there is the 'Patient’s Stories' and this tab will soon be filled with your write ups so please send in your stories to me at:

You may think that it does not mean much but trust me, people read, and your write up could be the reason a fellow warrior or supporter choose to get by despite has given up earlier. So your stories CAN make a difference.

My favourite part of this website if I must choose one is the chat function. You can type in your questions here and Dr. Ma Li or myself will get to you shortly. Of course, it depends on the questions. If it is medical/research base, then I am not in the position to provide my input so Dr. Ma Li would step in.

I hope the website would make you feel supported and that you are not in this alone.

Keep winning warriors!


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