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Team Singapore Worldwide EndoMarch 2021

00:00 - Former Fellow (Doctors) 14:45 - Team Singapore (E for Endometriosis) Singapore Endometriosis Support Group 21:35 - Team Malaysia (My Endosis) MyEndosis Malaysia 28:25 - Closing Remarks by Co-Founder Dr. Azadeh Nezhat (USA) Worldwide EndoMarch Inc

We did it! We put our 🇸🇬 on the map!

Endometriosis Awareness Singapore (E for Endometriosis) made it to the Worldwide EndoMarch list recently. Team Singapore presented on Saturday, March 27 at 7:25am local time (Friday, March 26 at 4:25pm PST).

I am proud of my fellow participants who set aside some time out of their busy schedule in ensuring this video happened! It wasn’t easy as we are limited to the COVID-19 Phase 3 restrictions. Despite that, we made do and we carried on. It was a true testimony of compassion and dedication where a small community got together in times of crisis and made it work.

YOU, each and everyone of you who made this possible, touched my heart deeply THANK YOU.

We are small but we are MIGHTY!

A huge THANK YOU as well to the Worldwide EndoMarch for this annual event. It has been an insightful experience where I believe many of us can finally find solace in being able to relate to an event from the start to the end. As an advocate, it burns my heart to fight harder for the much-needed attention and support and in making Endometriosis recognised as a community issue that must be looked into soon. I was finding it hard to contain my tears realising how much of a global issue Endometriosis is let alone in my beloved country. Together we are stronger and we will prevail!

So speak up, choose to be heard and let us win this battle together. #strongertogether

*The posted video is a snippet from the actual event that was held for two days. To view the full version, kindly go to the Worldwide EndoMarch youtube channel.


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