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Wear Yellow SG EndoMarch 2024 Event Highlights & Video Production Interview

Updated: May 25

The Wear Yellow SG EndoMarch 2024, a monumental event that still resonates in our hearts, was not just about raising awareness. It was a day of forging deep connections and offering genuine support in our collective fight against endometriosis. This condition, a formidable foe, challenges individuals not just physically, but emotionally and financially. With each Wear Yellow event, we aim to alleviate some of these burdens by ensuring that essential resources are accessible to everyone who needs them.


The event—a cornerstone of our efforts at E for Endometriosis—was a powerful platform for patients, advocates, caregivers, and allies to raise their voices. It was a day filled with powerful speeches, an emotional documentary screening, and a heartfelt ceremony that honoured our dedicated volunteers. Together, we stood united in Singapore, shining a light on both the struggles and the triumphs in the battle against endometriosis. Through engaging talks and moving personal narratives, we celebrated our strength, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of community.


As E for Endometriosis steps onto the global stage as part of the Worldwide EndoMarch, we are reminded that our local efforts are part of a larger international movement. Let us continue to stand together, raise awareness, and foster hope, inspiring and uplifting one another at every step of our journey. Here's to the warriors, survivors, and allies—our collective voice grows stronger each day.


Check out the detailed post-event report here:

Video Production Interview: Voices of Endurance

In our commitment to highlight the often-unseen struggles of endometriosis, we are proud to present Singapore's first short video interview that captures the poignant stories of those at the frontline of this battle. 'Voices of Endurance: Unveiling Endometriosis in Singapore' features the powerful testimonies of Endo Warriors living with the pain, Endo Advocates pushing for greater awareness, Endo Husbands who offer steadfast support, and Endo Specialists who dedicate their careers to treating the condition. This video dives deep into the realities of life with endometriosis, revealing the courage and perseverance of those affected.


Watch ‘Voices of Endurance: Unveiling Endometriosis in Singapore’ and feel the strength of our community here:


A profound thanks to all the volunteers and allies and to @seven17films for their exceptional skill in capturing and editing this impactful video.

Featured in Berita Harian SG

It is with immense humility and gratitude that we acknowledge the feature of Wear Yellow SG EndoMarch 2024 on a full page in Berita Harian. A special thanks to Ms. Hanim Mohd Saleh for her thoughtful and dedicated coverage of our journey. This recognition is more than just about an event; it is a tribute to the relentless dedication of everyone involved—from volunteers to attendees, speakers to sponsors. Every single effort contributes significantly to our cause.

Let us keep the momentum alive, continue the conversation, and keep hope thriving. Together, we are indeed making a difference. 💛🎗️🙌🏻🫶🏻


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