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April is Adenomyosis Awareness Month

March is the International Endometriosis Month. We worked extra hard in raising awareness on this debilitating condition last month. We were fortunate to have Blood, the genius minds behind MenstruHeat walking this advocacy journey with us.

Let us recap on some of the awareness efforts (you may refer to the past events tab in :

1) Official Website Launch

2) Q&A Live with Dr. Ma Li

3) #whatif Campaign

4) Team Singapore Worldwide EndoMarch 2021

We hope that these efforts have provided you the answers you are searching for and a sense of relief that you are never alone battling this wretched disease. We also hope that it ignites compassion for you to voice out and create awareness.

April is the International Adenomyosis Awareness Month, and we are in the midst of confirming an insightful session for our fellow warriors. So, get ready for more updates in a week or two from now.

*A Brief Medical Explanation on Adenomyosis

Adenomyosis or Uterine Endometriosis is essentially a benign disease which is constricted to the uterine muscle. This leads to the thickening of uterine walls, which in turn, may cause prolonged or heavier menstrual bleeding along with severe abdominal pain during the intercourse or menstrual cycle.

Multiple research studies have established that approximately 12% of women diagnosed with Adenomyosis also tend to develop Endometriosis. Furthermore, the pathology reports of more than 62% of the women affected with hysterectomy were apparently diagnosed with Adenomyosis as well.


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